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World Cup by Continent

The charged question of how to allocate the 48 slots …Dec 05, 2017 · The 2017 Club World Cup kicks off in the United Arab Emirates this week, but FIFA are looking to expand the competition from 7 teams to 24 teams. ... only get two slots under the proposals ...The European zone alone includes 52 teams competing for 13 slots in the finals. World Cup 2026: Fifa reveals allocation for 48-team ... Fifa is proposing a six-nation play-off tournament to decide the last two slots at the 48-team World Cup in 2026. Football's world governing body has revealed its plans for how the 48 places will ... 2026 FIFA World Cup - Wikipedia The ratification of slot allocation gives OFC a guaranteed berth in the final tournament for the first time in FIFA World Cup history. The 2026 FIFA World Cup will be the first tournament in which all six confederations have guaranteed berths. Playoff tournament

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The format of the world's biggest soccer competition will change in 2026, and continents are jostling for more guaranteed slots. 2026 World Cup: African soccer teams want five extra slots under ... FIFA World Cup hosts - Wikipedia Seventeen countries have been FIFA World Cup hosts in the competition's twenty tournaments since the inaugural World Cup in 1930. The organization at first awarded hosting to countries at meetings of FIFA's congress. The choice of location was controversial in the earliest tournaments, given the three-week boat journey between South America and ... Suggestions for allocation of 2022 FIFA World Cup ...

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When it Comes to the World Cup, Bigger Does Not Mean Jan 12, 2017 · When it Comes to the World Cup, Bigger Does Not Mean Better. the two continents which between them account for almost half the FIFA membership, but which have less than a third of World Cup ... AFC, Oceania in talks over combining World Cup slots Nov 27, 2013 · By Patrick Johnston KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - The Asian and Oceania football confederations have opened discussions about combining World Cup slots to improve their qualification chances at future tournaments, AFC President Sheikh Salman said. Both regions suffered heavy defeats in the intercontinental a fairer distributions of spots to the world cup.? | Yahoo Feb 13, 2009 · yeah sure, asia is the biggest continent, but just because of that fact they deserve 5 spots to the world cup????? how many of you enjoy to see saudi arabia, japan, china, and iran in the world cups???? the same goes to the concacaf's region, yeah sure, that region has a lot of countries and islands, but just because of it, they deserve 4 spots to the world cup? do you enjoy having to see

Jan 10, 2017 · The expanded 48-team World Cup approved by world football governing body FIFA today will see Africa now getting nine slots, four more than they currently enjoy. An initial stage of 16 groups of three teams will precede a knockout stage for the remaining 32 when the change is made for the 2026 tournament.

A 48-team World Cup is set for 2026. The battle over who Jan 10, 2017 · The FIFA Council voted on Tuesday to back President Gianni Infantino’s plan to expand the World Cup from 32 teams to 48 nations for the 2026 edition. Regardless of … 22 maps that explain the World Cup | Jun 23, 2014 · 22 maps that explain the World Cup 22 maps that explain the World Cup by Joseph Stromberg on June 23, 2014 The World Cup is probably the most watched sporting event on the planet: an estimated 3.2 How many teams from each continent proceed to the World Dec 23, 2010 · Best Answer: In total there are 32 places at the world cup for the 200 nations compeating for a place. 1 place automatically goes to the host, the other 31 are spread throughout the 6 continental federations. The number of places allocated to continents does occasionally change but for the 2006 and 2010 world cup this was the allocated number (minus the host) World Cup Fast Facts -