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Which 5 vanilla pets will your hunter use permanently

How To Unlock Relic Third Slot - Hunter - Monster WoW… Hi, i'm a new lvl 110, my first char on this server and in wow in general. I've looked at some guides around internet aboutSo i wanted to ask to my fellow hunters out there, where can i start the quest/s to unlock the last relic slot in my weapon?. [cata] [854] Pet: Implement pet slots (hunters), need… Stats: Implement proper stats scaling for hunter pets.Quests: Fix 2 exploits with quests. Misc: Some fixes. Pet: Implement pet slots (hunters), need testing. Patch 7.3: New Tameable Hunter Pets - News - Icy Veins…

Adam Wainwright, Injury — Hunter call pet abilty now has five ranks and the UI is now a fly-out menu. WoW Petopia Community • View topic - More Stable slots

Beast Mastery will dual wield pets in Legion. ... Not sure if they would do it by pet families or if you pick a slot for your main pet, one for hati and one for your first dire beast or just the dire beasts add this bonus. ... A site dedicated to the hunter class in World of Warcraft. If you like hunters, you've come to the right place. Popular ...

Using the Stable - An active pet is one that you can access without visiting a Stable Master. You can see them in the pet spots down the left-hand side of the stable UI, but these pets aren't in the stable - they are 'with' you wherever you are. You can call your active pets with the Call Pet abilities. Check out Calling You Pet for more info on active pets. Ten Ton Hammer | WoW Hunter Guide: Pet Information pet into an empty slot in the inactive pets section to stable that pet. Similarly if the player wishes to make a pet active all they need do is click and drag a pet from the stable into one of the active slots. Once pets are made active the Hunter can access them by clicking on the Call Pet button that can be found in the Spellbook.

Is it just your level that determines the dps your pet does, not the actual model? Also, how do you acquire more pet slots so you can equip more than one pet?

More Stable Slots | Hunter Pets | Aspect of the Beast More stable slots would make me very happy. There are some pets I let go of that I want back. Namely my scorpid and core hound. 3 active and storage sounds very good to me. And before anyone complains if this happens. Forget about getting the gold back for the last two active slots you bought. It’s the price of playing the game within the game. WoW Hunter Pet Guide - Blizzard Guides WoW Hunter Pet Guide ... The more things a pet eats, the easier it is to feed, particularly at low levels when getting an appropriate vendor is hard. Meat, fish and ... How do I get Pet's (Hunter)? - World of Warcraft Answers for ... Hunter's can have one pet with them at a time and can keep several in a "stable" which can be accessed from a "stable master" npc found at most towns, inns and camps through the world of warcraft. Stable slots can be purcased allowing you to store up to 4 additional pets. How to clear your battle pet slots? - MMO-Champion